Frequently Asked Questions

Below, are registered the most frequent questions. If you have other questions, contact us.

Apercite is a WebService that allow you display on your websites or directory the thumbnails of any website address.

You can allow your visitors to have a preview of the websites to which you do link.
Also, it helps brighten the pages with lots of text.

We provide our knowledge to help you use our service via the contact form.
The creating and displaying thumbnail is free and unlimited.
You can ask 500 updates per month free of charge from your member area.
There is no limitation on the use of ours APIs.
The integration of a screenshot on a web page is possible using the « img » HTML tag.
The documentation for the display of a thumbnail has a button to copy the « img » HTML tag containing the address of the thumbnail.
You will be able to paste the HTML tags in the pages of your website.
Only subscribers can access this feature.
It is necessary that you hosted the image because to access to this resource on our servers requires you to specify your API Key.
You can view the documentation on fullscreen catches to get more information.
Generally, less than 20 seconds to create a thumbnail.
It is possible that the generation time is elongated during peak attendance.
By registering, you will update 500 thumnbails by month free from your member area.
You will also participate in our forum.
No. The number of request update is limited per month per member, except for subscribers.
If you want to update a thumbnail, please register so you can do it for free.
Yes, we documented this feature which in beta and available for our subscribers.
If you want to customize the thumbnail of waiting, please contact us.
Not yet. We understand that some websites do not wish allow the capture by our robot.
However, the robot comes with the following User-Agent:
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Apercite; +
To create a thumbnail, cookies are enabled but they are removed at the end.
Of course! We understand that technologies evolve and we are supporting to render perfect thumbnails.
To make true thumbnails, we include Flash Player technology during rendering.
We reserve the option to disable temporarily Flash Player if security flaws are detected.
Not yet. Some users we ask this feature.
We will work soon on this possibility.